7887 ecobook


‘78 – the year of the Law 180, the first law which imposed the gradual dismantling of psychiatric hospitals.

‘87 – the year of the Brudtland Report, a document which coined and defined, for the first time, the meaning of the term “Sustainable Development”

The inspiration for ‘7887’ comes from the synthesis of these two key events.'7887’ is project that looks to the future and is able to combine social and environmental responsibility, proving that aware choices don’t implicate the renouncement of high quality and refined design.

The dismantling of psychiatric hospitals have caused, in most cases, the abandonment of these places: ‘7887‘ turns their decadence in beauty and translates it in the fashion language.

It is a journey that starts from the ”speak for itself” charm of a broken and deteriorated wall; it brushes by the conceptual beauty of an empty bed or an open gate and it finds its concrete way of expression in a collection made entirely from sustainable materials.

'7887 'Creates a product that has the ambition not only to be a functional complement with a sophisticated design, but also a new way of communicate social and environmental responsibility.

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